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Why a Cultural trip to Iran?

There are hundreds of reasons to consider a trip to Iran. About some of them, we have discussed already and some will be in the future. Nature, wildlife, souvenirs and so on are some of them. But are you sure you are ready to hear about the most amazing part? Let’s start with an introduction. Have you wondered about the way people treat? Some will say, it is affected by the weather of the place they are living in for example in Africa as there is not much rain and you could barely find food, there will not be much time and energy to think about emotions and sensitivity or love and that will make a little hard emotionally and as time goes by it becomes the rule of your ordinary life and your culture in decades. Traveling to a country with critical glasses on your eyes to observe the cultural points, is like traveling through time in that very special part of the world.

Special features of Iran culture

Single things of different cultures all around the world that mat attracts you to buy tickets to them are all found in a package in Iran. Clothes, hobbies, foods, marriage traditions, the way men propose to women, treating with nature, conducting parties and every other thing, and this is not the end, all up-mentioned things, are differing city to city, village to village. Let’s start from the northern part to the Caspian Sea and central parts than to the southern parts including Arab races and Persian speaking cities.

That part of Iran that speak Azari, they have a deep belief in Azari dancing, long boots for men made from best quality leather and lots of gold bracelets for their beautiful women and most powerful type of family relationships and nice connections with relatives. A little lower parts of the country, Gilaki and Mazani culture of Iran let’s talk about. They learn how to ride horses even before learning how to walk. This part of Iran's culture becomes more powerful in the eastern part of the Caspian Sea in Gorgan City. Their horses are famous. Women wear long skirts which have many colorful ribbons at the bottom. You should see how they dance with these beautiful skirts. And to the southern parts finally, they wear something like a mask on their faces, and there are many stories behind it. Some say, it is to protect them from sunburn, others say it is to keep their beauty safe from the English soldiers that were in Iran many years ago, and this has stayed as a part of culture since those days and finally, some say it is as accessories to complete their clothes. As we said, you have to bring a big notebook with you on your trip to Iran if you are going to write a diary about your cultural trip to Iran.


Things to consider on a cultural trip

Is a cultural trip different from other simple trips? Of course. Cultural travel is a type of travel that emphasizes experiencing life within a foreign culture, rather than from the outside as a temporary visitor. Cultural travelers leave their home environment at home, bringing only themselves and a desire to become part of the culture they visit. Cultural travel goes beyond cultural exploration or discovery; it involves a transformation in way of life.

With different cultures and backgrounds meshing, it can often be difficult to know what to say and how to act without offending someone while abroad. Being thrown into a new culture is overwhelming, and many people cope with this either by acting totally obnoxious or completely reserved. Don’t walk around your host culture on eggshells, but at the same time, be aware that you represent your home country and try your best to be conscientious of what you say and do.

It is impossible to know everything about a different culture’s customs and etiquette, and you can be sure that everyone who has ever been abroad having unintentionally stepped on someone’s toes. When in doubt, just apologize and explain that you’re learning. Most people will be easily forgiving, with some even finding humor in the confusion. If you go into it with an open mind and the ability to laugh at your mistakes, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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A cultural trip to Iran

Let’s talk about the last part above the first.

Many many tourists come to Iran each year, as it is they are really warm and kind to the tourists and understand completely if you do not pay attention to the part of their cultures. That is why you may feel much better when having your trip to Iran.

A cultural traveler does not merely step foot into a country in order to check it off. In the same way, a cultural traveler does not visit a new location because it is hyped on social media or because it’s cheap. He knows exactly why he wishes to see a specific destination and chooses his destinations according to his taste, interests, and preferences. Make sure before you start your trip that you have read enough about the beauty of its culture and discuss the case with your Tehran travel agency.

We offer a wide-ranging program of excellent value trips to some of Iran’s most beautiful cities and thought-provoking destinations for your Cultural trip to Iran. Art, architecture, archaeology, history, and music are all on the menu once more in 2019. We have reprised many of our 2018 itineraries and added several exciting new subjects, but in every case, the essentials remain the same. Guest speakers guide our thoughts and offer expert commentary and analysis, while an experienced tour manager takes care of practicalities, and general support in your Cultural trip to Iran. The result is a convivial, carefully-paced trip with time for independent exploration. Solo travelers are welcome. All our trips to Iran have a good balance between organized activities and free time. So, as well as guided tours, lively lectures and group meals, you will be able to enjoy some of the places we visit independently on your Cultural trip to Iran. We currently have trips to many cities, and more will follow.

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