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Is it safe to travel to Iran?

4.5 out of 5

Is it safe to travel to Iran


Everyone knows Iran is one of most historical countries in the world with more than 6,000 years of history and many famous of UNESCO HERITAGE SITES are in this land. With a simple search you can find out Iran is very rich in culture. The question is how we can find out is it safe to travel to Iran or not?

Answer of this question can have two different answers like two different side of the coin. First answer is if you believe and trust some international politic news and do your search by this channels, in this way you think Iran has risk for traveling or not good to visit.

In other side we can check and see the personal experiences and read the tourists sites like Trip Advisor or other websites and magazines, they are not political sites or magazines and just care about what is true for tourist information.

Of course when you check and search like this will see Iran has ZERO percent of risk and even American passengers can travel to Iran and the reasons of wrong information with some websites is just some political problems between governments.

Because Iran is one of most safe countries in the world you can find many International exhibitions during of every years and So many tourists visit Iran every year in all months and enjoy with this beautiful country with their vacation.

The reasons of Iran safety

1- Logic says search before any decide

2- We believe strongly Iran is most safe country in middle-east and there is some reasons to show you:

3- International ski resort and many other sport potentials show you if Iran is not safe why many athletics should visit Iran and enjoy there.

4- Opening of many high level and standard hotels every year tell us Iran is safe and developing tourism and that’s why they are opening new hotels.

5- If Iran is not safe how can be hotels full of occupancy during of all high seasons and how can be really difficult to find accommodation most of the months?

6- With a simple click and search we can read newest experience of different passengers that visited this beautiful country

7- Most of airlines are flying to Iran and many times of year it’s not easy to buy the lowest category of tickets, so you can see how can be there risk to travel.

8- Many of foreign companies are investing in Iran and many business mans are attending with Iran international exhibitions.


nature bridge


Highlights of travel to Iran

Here is some interesting option and information give you about Iran highlights:

1- Iran is very cheap for trip with high quality of service. You can visit more than 5 cities and have 10 to 14 nights’ accommodation with full days of sightseeing and meal just for 800 to 1,000 Euro and if you like to know how much is normal price for meal:

Fast food including drink just 2 to 3 Euro

Local and traditional meals like rice including chicken or beef kebab or fish with salad and drink just for 4 to 6 Euro

International restaurants and meals are 7 to 10 Euro only

2- When you travel to Iran especially to small cities and village, feeling all of these people know you. They love you and even you no need accommodation, because all of them inviting to stay at their home. One of most highlight and special points that who travel to Iran mention about that is Iranian people are most hospitable.

3- If you are looking for exciting and adventure tours we can offer you one of most unique deserts of the worlds, having a good off-road with star watching during the night and nice tasty of traditional tea and stay at historical Caravanserais or beautiful mountain for camping and some of oldest village of the world that you can get your best experience.

4- If you are interesting for historical and cultural packages Iran can give your best vacation and trip. Many of famous UNESCO HERITAGE SITES are in this country and you will wondered with masterpiece of unique architects and historical sites such as: CHOGHA ZANBIL, PERSPOLIS AND PASARGAD, ALIGHAPO SQ, KALUT DESERT, BAAM CITADEL and many more others.

5- Handicrafts of Iran is interesting for all tourists are visiting Iran, for any budget you can have a special gift or handicraft from Iran some of them are: Carpet, Khataam (hand art of wood), Mes and dishes (copper art by hand), wood art Etc.

6- Sweets and nuts of Iran is well known for everyone like Pistachio.


tehran streets


Iran currency and rules

If you are travelling to Iran for the first time should know some simple rule of them and it’s easy to learn.

1- Hijab: all women’s in Iran need to have scarf, it’s not like Arabian countries or Borghe. They need only cover their hair by a small scarf and no need to cover whole of that, it’s just like a respect to religion.

2- Fasting month: during the fasting month, people don’t eat anything or drink at the street and they respect to who is fasting. But all supermarkets are open and hotel restaurants and road restaurants also open.

3- Iran formal currency is Rial but people don’t count one of zeroes of money and call it Tooman, for example if you have 100,000 Rial people call it ten thousand Tooman. For the exchange you can change your money at bank or money changer in the markets or shopping malls, of course money changers buy your money better and you can change it with higher rate of banks and all money changers are safe absolutely because they are under highest control of government.

Special dates of Iran

To avoid of wasting time and enjoy more if you are travelling to Iran for your business or holiday and vacation have to know some important dates to get best result from your trip.

1- First of all you should know Iran calendar is different with International calendar and their weekend is Thursdays and Fridays, but Thursdays they work as half day working. First special date and big holiday is Iran New Year its starting from 18th MARCH until 2th APRIL and all companies, all offices and even schools and universities are close. Everywhere is so crowded and busy and you need spend much time on the queues and wait to visit each site, although some persons like to have this experience but need to know also hotel rates are double in these dates and difficult to find room.

2- Another important date is belong to Fasting month (Ramadan). Iran is an Islamic country and most of the people are Shiaa. Fasting month is a special date from Arabian calendar that starting of each year is changing, its mean because Arabian calendar has less days from Iran and International calendar every year each month is passing 10 days. You can travel to Iran even during Ramadan and enjoy with this ceremony but important point of this month is from 19th until 21st of RAMADAN is sad holiday for Shiaa people and all museums are close in Iran and cannot visit them.

3- There is also another special date from Arabian calendar that they call it MOHARRAM, it’s a special ceremony and important for Shiaa people and people mourning for their Imam and It’s also changing every year. If you like to see the ceremony it can be interesting for you, just there is two days 8th and 9th of MOHARRAM that you cannot visit museums. For all these dates and another important case we suggest to check first with your agent. 

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