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Iran tourism industry is improving year by year and as one of the most trustable Iran travel agencies in the world, we are proud to be a part of that. It may be hard to believe that the Chinese are on the voyage of travelers and somehow entertained, but it's true. Every year more than 2 million Chinese tourists travel to different countries around the world.

Chinese tourists have been recognized as the most outgoing tourists in the world in 2016, spending about $ 260 billion, accounting for about 21 percent of the world's tourism industry.

In 2015, Chinese tourists reportedly made more than 120 million foreign trips, an increase of approximately 312 percent compared to 2005. It's also interesting to note that only 6% of Chinese citizens hold a passport, but the top 6% are ranked first in terms of spending on foreign trips around the world.

China's economic growth and its capture of the world's markets have made its people eligible for money, from travel destinations to leisure and food and hotel choices, all in a wholesome way.

Given that Chinese tourists have a high rank in the number of purchases of local goods and payment money among other tourists while traveling, their entry into any country leads to significant income in tourism-related jobs.

Before traveling to Iran from Hong Kong you should know that Iran is a vast country with diverse landscapes, cultures and languages attracting a lot of tourists to use Iran tour. The climatic and cultural diversity is enough to take years to see this vast, ancient land. That is why excursions and road trips in Iran are so thriving. A road trip in Iran revives the spirit of your adventurer and takes you to places of your own exploration - a secret road in an old village or a cave on a remote mountain slope. People who have just discovered the pleasure of a road trip in Iran are always trying out new ways, routes and destinations for travel in Iran and are enjoying this sense of humor.

They have spent $ 200 million on their foreign trips in the past three years alone. This equals the total volume of the Greek economy. They spend so much on overseas trips that the Japanese have coined the term Bacogai to help them describe the high volume of Chinese tourists shopping.

A tour guide from the sprawling Chinese has a memory. "I was accompanying a group of Iranians in Paris. There were no foreigners in all of the brand's shops in this city except the Chinese, they were lined up to buy multi-million items, so at the French Charles de Gaulle Airport, The Chinese have been chosen to provide better service to these tourists and to be an advertisement from France for other Chinese. "

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