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How to choose the best Iran tour company?

As someone who has a lot of experience when it comes to traveling by a tour, I think tours are very entertaining. In your travel by a good tour you get to meet a lot of new people (possibly your new friends), experience adventures you could never have done if you traveled solo, get to know the mysteries behind all the sites you visit with the help of the experienced tour guide, and so much more to build an unforgettable trip.

But if you don't pay attention enough when choosing your tour company more probably you will face big problems and what could have been your dream trip will change to your worst nightmare.


There are 9 very important factors you should consider before choosing the Iran tour company you want to travel with.

Let's take a brief look at them:

1-safety record

As the first and most important factor, make sure your company is accredited by the government or any other trustable trade organization. Iran is an Islamic country and people are very friendly but there are some rules like Hijab that your Iran travel agency should explain to you and make sure of your safety, therefore pay attention to this factor when choosing your Iran tour company.

safety of Iran

2- Check their reputation

There is no better way to recognize a trustable Iran tour company than seeing their former customer's testimonials. In this way, you can see the goods and bads of the companies together. The best place to read the former customers' comments is Trip Advisor. But to be sure, try to visit the company's social media pages or contact their former customers directly.

3-A balanced schedule

Well, you are paying to be able to visit as much as you can in your limited time. Your travel company should arrange your trip the way you won't be frustrated running from one place to another and also you won't get bored by not having anything to do or to be left on your own.

Make sure to check the schedule of the Iran tour package you are choosing and see if it fits you or not.

4- See how experienced they are

Trust me you don't want to invest your money and time on a travel company that doesn't have enough experience in this field. As it is always said "to make an omelet you must break some eggs", don't be the breaking eggs of a tour company. An experienced tour company with its expert staff can accompany you throughout your entire trip to Iran and knows how to solve every incoming problem because of their experience.


5-Group size

In these years of experience, I've seen many different kinds of people. Some love to explore the nature with huge groups of people, camp in the jungle, and dance around the fire but some others are interested in more private and luxurious tours in five-star hotels, extra elegant restaurants , and so much more and some others are just in the between and want a little of each of them.

According to your taste and likings choose the package you want to travel to Iran with.

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6-Research the costs

Who doesn't want to have the quality along with an economical price? When comparing two Iran travel agencies, price is one of the most important factors but pay attention not to be tricked with a cheap package. Sometimes there is a big reason that made the difference.

Search as much as you can, call the more expensive company and ask the reason for the difference. If the reason was something very important to you choose the expensive one.

Iran travel cost

7-Get local guides

You don't want a young kid who doesn't have any knowledge about the local sites to be your tour guide. A tour guide should be knowledgeable (a walking encyclopedia), patience, energetic, empathic, and with a good sense of humor.

Also, make sure the tour guide is local or at least a long-term resident. To get these pieces of information you can simply contact the company.

8-Environmental impact

What could be better than helping nature along with enjoying our travel? Environmental friendly tours are the new trend in the Iran tourism industry. This trend is not only limited to nature-friendly tours, but it is also about the locals too; meaning using local hotels, tour guides, services, and in one word helping the tourism industry in that area. In nature-friendly tours, you will leave no footprint on the habitat. In your search for the best Iran tour company give crucial importance to this point.

Environmental impact

9- Make sure you are the audience

Is the tour for old couples looking for some relaxation, families looking for fun but also proper for kids too, or young friends looking for some adventure? There is a different tour for any kind of person, but you have to make sure you choose the right package. In order to find out whether a package is the proper one for you, you can contact the company or see the photos of their former tours.

My last and most advice is to look and search as much you can. Compare as many companies as you can and ask all the questions you have in their forum.

If you want the Gapa tour has many different packages for all the tastes but the same thing about all of them in the economical prices and high quality of services. For more information, all you have to do is to take at our tour packages and you can see the high difference between us and the other companies in this field. Our expert staff are always at your service in case you have any questions in mind.

I hope this article was complete and helped you, but still, if you have more to ask, contact us.