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Why should we travel to Iran in winter?

As a four-season country in Iran, you can experience snowy days and warm ones at the same time. If you are not a fan of chilling cold winters or snow recreations, probably you would choose to travel to warmer regions like south Iran. But if you are a winter lover like me you are going to experience a heavenly good Iran trip in our capital Tehran or in northwestern cities like Ardabil.

So you should travel to Iran in winter because this amazing country offers so much to refuse and is proper for any taste.

What are the best Iran destinations to travel in winter?

Warmer regions to travel to Iran

As mentioned above to enjoy the feeling of warm sun on your face even on winters, the best destination would be the southern parts of Iran. For example, you can enjoy water recreations like parasailing, underwater diving, Jet Ski, water skiing, and beach clubs in Kish Island or visit the starry sky of Iran in the Valley of stars. Experience camel riding, safari, feel the dust and sand under your feet in the desserts of Iran or visit Yazd one of the largest cities built entirely with adobe. You may also want to spend a night in Ahvaz and try the delicious traditional "falafel" (a spicy sandwich). In Kermanshah, you will have a chance to visit the largest script in the world written by Darius the great himself. There are many different places to visit that cannot be explained in only one article. For more info visit our "cities info" page.  

Snow recreations In Iran

In our capital Iran, you can experience the most exciting snow recreations like skiing, sled riding, making a snowman, riding tubes, or simply mountain climbing. Damavand Mountain with 5609 meters height (highest volcano in Asia) attracts many famous climbers yearly. We also have challenges held in different cities to see who can make a better snowman.

snow recreations in Iran

Gapa Tour Company has an Iran tour Package exclusive for snow recreations under the name “ski tour”, make sure to pay a visit to that page if you are interested in this field.

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Winter festivals


At 20 or 21 December (differs in different years), Iranians celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year.  Added to Iran's List of National Treasures in a special ceremony in 2008, in the night of Yalda families gather together and read Hafez poems, eat fruits like watermelons and pomegranates, and party till the midnight.

I think it is a festival no one should miss in their travel to Iran in winter.

Chaharshanbeh Soori

Ready to visit one of the biggest fireworks in Asia?  Then you must travel to Iran in winter. Iranian people celebrate the last Wednesday of the year with fireworks. In Chaharshanbe Soori or as it is translated in English “Wednesday festival” people make big fires and dance around them, do fireworks, jump over the fire believing it would keep away the bad luck, and children go door to door hit a spoon to a plate and request for snacks (very similar to trick or treat in Halloween).

If you are a fan of dance, party and fireworks don’t miss this astonishing festival.

Chaharshanbeh soori

Special snacks of winter

winter like other seasons has its own special edible things. In winter you can find cooked beets and fava beans in almost every street in our capital Tehran under the names “Laboo” and “Baghali”. Most Iranians are in love with them. Laboo is very sweet and delicious and Baghali is very tasty eaten with Golpar and vinegar.

If you are a foody interested in trying new sweets make sure you eat them at least once.

special winter snacks

The Fajr Film festival

If you are interested in the cinema, the biggest Film festival in Iran is held yearly in Tehran, yearly. In this festival, the best Iranian films are introduced and the awards of this festival have national importance. Other than these reasons, it is a good place for families to gather and watch a good movie.



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Hope this article helped you to learn more about recreations you can experience in winter in Iran and gave you a good reason to travel to this fabulous country in winter. If you are interested in visiting Iran Gapa Tour Company can help you in this manner. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.