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With an Authentic tour agency visit Iran differently

If you’re looking forward to traveling to Iran one day, I guess you have searched enough to know that most Iran travel agencies offer the same usual visiting sites and their services are mostly alike too, but with an authentic tour agency such as Gapa tour, you will find a chance to experience things only a few tourists have ever experienced. An authentic tour agency to Iran should offer what ordinary travel agencies cannot.

Follow this article till the end to get to know the Gapa Tour company’s special offers.

Iran is not limited to the famous world heritage sites

As many of you have searched before, Iran has 23 UNESCO world heritage sites. But does the 2500 years old country is just about UNESCO world sites? Guess you know the correct answer. There are sites in Iran that would blow the human mind away, tranquil sights that are unknown to many of you. Gapa tour will show you Iran mysteries along with the famous UNESCO world heritage site and this is what an Authentic tour to Iran should be.

Feel the luxury side of Iran with a low budget

According to my own experience talking to tourists, many come to Iran because of the low prices. Iran is now very cheap to visit and with an authentic tour agency like Gapa Tour, your Iran trip won’t be only visiting historical sites but you will be experiencing five-star hotels, water and snow recreations, domestic flights, and many more. Everything is incomparably cheap in Iran.

Let me give you an example, say you choose one of our Iran tour packages that pass Isfahan, well by choosing this package you will be staying at Abbasi hotel (one of the best hotels in Middle East), you will be eating traditional foods at the five star restaurants, unlimited daily mineral water, and you will be given the best of everything.

In order for you to get a clue about our prices, let me explain one of our packages briefly: a 10 night Iran visit, passing our capital Tehran, the city of Avicenna Hamedan, Kermanshah, Tabriz, Ardebil, and Zanjan. In this 470 dollars package you will be visiting Milad tower, Golestan palace (UNESCO HERITAGE SITE), Carpet museum, Ali Sadr Cave (the biggest water cave in the world), Hegmatane Archeological Palace, Avicenna Mausoleum, Ganj Nameh Inscription, Bisotun (UNESCO HERITAGE SITE and the world’s largest script), Taq-e Bostan, Tabriz grand Bazaar (UNESCO HERITAGE SITE), Kandovan, El Goli, Takht-e Soleyman (UNESCO HERITAGE SITE), and many more. Our packages also offer numerous services such as  Iran visa, accommodation at Iran’s best hotels, transportation all across Iran, Experienced English speaking guide throughput you whole tour, Breakfast, All the entrance fees, Special offers, Transfer by guide, All taxes, Insurance, Company gift, Unlimited daily mineral water, etcetera.


SPECIAL packages

Economical Vacation
Top 7 Iran UNESCO world heritage Sites

Do you want to experience the most luxuries travel with a chance to get to know a completely new culture and meet new people along with exploring the most amazing sights, all in one but in the cheapest price? You are on the right website to Iran, you can have the best service at the lowest prices. In Gapatour our tour prices for a one-week vacation starts at 330 $, going around the whole country and letting you experience the best. A five-star hotel room in the middle of the capital, with all the services including GYM, SPA, Swimming pool, and etcetera would only cost you 45$ a night. Gapatour will make sure of your comfort and joy at the lowest prices.

  • Chogha Zanbil
  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square
  • Takht-e Soleymān
  • Pasargadae
  • Arg e Bam
  • Soltaniyeh Dome
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