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Tehran as the capital of Iran is one of the most interesting tourist destinations and there you can find a mixed box of sites to visit and enjoy such as historical and cultural places, museums, shopping malls and important religious sites with a long history. Abdol Azim was sent to the Rey area (old part of Tehran) by Imam Reza (the 8th Shia Imam) and was a very important leader. He died there in the 9th century. It is an important and holey place made for religious people and after all this time still, many people visit it every day. If you travel to Iran one day and go there, you will be surprised by the beautiful architect and unique mirror style in any parts of the shrine and could enjoy watching a masterpiece of tile works.

the history and architecture behind Shah Abdol-Azim shrine

Many think that Shah Abdol-Azim shrine is located in the heart of Tehran but if you get a chance to visit Iran you will find out that it is actually located in a very little village in the southern Tehran called Ray. Shah Abdol-Azim shrine or as to how they called it “King Abdul Azim Hassani's shrine” in the past, is one of the most famous shrines in the city of Ray, just a short distance from Tehran. This shrine is the burial place of Abdul Azim Hassani, one of the Shia elders. The construction of this shrine is related to the Ilkhanid, Safavid and Qajar periods, each of which played a role in the development and beauty of this building. The original building was rebuilt after the ninth century AD. The main entrance to the north entrance of the shrine was built at the time of Al-Buyeh.

The architecture of this building is Islamic and religious. In the center of the building is a quadrilateral monument belonging to the tomb of Abdul Azim Hosni. At the top of this structure is a dome and a pot like many other Islamic religious structures. The interior has beautiful interior design. All the walls of this building are mirrored. The courtyards and porches of Abdul Azim Hassani's shrine are from the Safavid era.

The building was rebuilt by the Safavid and Qajar kings. Shah Tahmasb Safavi and Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar are among the kings who ordered the restoration of various parts of the structure. Two of the artifacts in this structure are a pair of wooden inscriptions that historians say date back to 848 AH. There is also a wooden door on the north porch of the shrine dating back to 904 AD.

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The traditional Bazaar of Shah Abdol-Azim

One of the attractions of the Shah Abdol-Azim shrine and Ray city is the traditional Bazaar adjacent to the shrine. This market, which still retains the atmosphere of old and traditional eastern Bazaars, despite the availability of new goods, is a perfect place to buy souvenirs for pilgrims. Apart from the usual commodities, the caves that offer all sorts of adornments, garments, stamps, etc., have given this Bazaar a special atmosphere.

If you are hungry after a brutal pilgrimage to the shrine and roam the market, don't worry; the famous barbecues in the market are ready to welcome you with their delicious and delectable barbecues and leave a pleasant reminder of this short walk.

Centers affiliated with King Abdul Azim's shrine

Shah Abdol-Azim shrine not only covers the tomb of this nobleman and the two Imams of Taher (as) and Imamzadeh of Hamza (AS), but also covers several other important places. One of them is the Center for Astronomy and Stargazing, which is known as one of the most important centers in this field in Iran. If you are interested in visiting the starry sky of Iran, Space science and astronomy activities at the Shah Abdol-Azim Center include astronomy and modern science training, observatory activities and related seminars. Both the New Testament and the Old Testament Observatory, a specialized library with several thousand volumes on astronomy, physics, etc., meteorological stations and radio observation are among the facilities available at the astronomy center.

The Holy Quran Training Center, the Quran and Hadith Training Center, the Seminary (Sisters and Brothers), the Hekmat Educational Complex, Cooperatives with the Believers, and Dar al-Shafa Kowsar are other centers affiliated with Shah Abdol-Azim shrine.

Museum of Shah Abdol-Azim shrine

The Shah Abdol-Azim Museum of History holds a great deal of precious historical artifacts. Among these works, you can visit the Qur'anic scriptures, Sahifah Sajadiyyah, and Shahnameh illustrated by Ferdowsi. Clay monuments, in the dungeon of the shrine, from the time of Al-Buyeh to the Qajar era, and other items alike can be seen in the Shah Abdol-Azim museum. In addition, manuscripts of prayer books written and donated by calligraphers as well as a large number of athletes' medals donated to the Shah Abdol-Azim shrine are also housed in the museum.

Shah Abdol-Azim shrine, a place for sightseeing

At first glance, you might imagine that the Shah Abdol-Azim shrine is a pilgrimage, but with its unique historical features and the extraordinary location of Ray's city, it has a special capacity for sightseeing. Shah Abdol-Azim Grand Museum, the traditional bazaar, and the Astronomy and Skyscraper Center are some of the places you can visit during your pilgrimage trip and enjoy other aspects of this blessed haven.

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