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With Persia Tour travel back in time to 2500 years ago

Ready to visit the ancient Persia with a trusted economical tour? You are very welcomed to travel to Iran with the Gapa Tour Company’s Persia tour (our historical and cultural tour packages).

The 2500 years of antiquity of our country has given a lot of value to our country and culture and has a great influence on our Iran tourism industry.

There are so many mysterious astonishing places to make you feel like you are amongst Achaemenid kings such as Cyrus the Great, Darius the great, Parmys and other great rulers.

Be with us till the end of this article to meet and get to know all of these sights.


Where should a perfect Persia tour take us to visit?

Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

One of the most visited historical sites of Iran, included in nearly all of the Persia Tours, Persepolis is located in Shiraz, Fars province. Aging back to 2300 years ago, Persepolis means "the city of Persians". You can easily visit the Achaemenid fine architecture style since it was built by Darius the Great and was one of a kind in its time.

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It’s a must-go site in any Persia Tour.


Pasargadae or in English "protective and strong club", was the capital of the Achaemenid empire in the Cyrus the great age. Cyrus the great started building Pasargadae approximately 2550 years ago but its construction was left unfinished since Cyrus the great passed away in the middle of the instruction. In my opinion, everyone who is interested in ancient Persia must-visit Pasargadae at least once in their Iran travel since the tomb of Cyrus the great is in Pasargadae. In 2006 archeologists found out that Cambyses the second (successor and Cyrus’s great son) was buried in Pasargadae too. 

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 The best time to visit Pasargadae is on 29th October, Cyrus the greats day. It is an unofficial holiday in Iran that people due to their respect to our ancient king of Persia, gather in Pasargadae and celebrate. Make sure to arrange your Persia Tour on 29th October if you can to participate in our yearly ceremony.


Believed to be built in (5500 B.C.E) Susa is one of the first cities in the world and it goes back to the Elamite times, the first Persian Empire. Make sure the Persia Tour you choose passes the Khuzestan province and the ancient city of Susa.

Under Cyrus' son Cambyses II, Susa became a center of political power as one of the 4 capitals of the Achaemenid Persian Empire and gained great value for being near Babylon.

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Susa is the best sight for history lovers.

Naqsh-e Rustam

Naqsh-e Rustam is a designed cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments and separate burial sites (4 big tombs cut in the cliff) at a distance from Pasargadae. The tombs are different from grave fields, which did not have remains above the ground and were the burial place of some very influential important Achaemenid kings. Naqsh-e Rustam is famous for its Achaemenid architecture and fabulous design and attracts many tourists yearly.

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 Naqsh-e Rustam is only 6km away from Pasargadae and has easy access from it so you can easily visit both of them at once.

 Four Winged Guardian

One of the most astonishing marvelous structures of Iran that can easily blow your mind away, is the Four-Winged Guardian bas-relief in Pasargadae. Depicting the figure of a guardian man (believed to be Cyrus the great himself) with four wings like an Assyrian king and wearing clothes very similar to the Elamite traditional way of clothing and posing like an Egyptian god. The structure even wears a crow with two horns resembling an Ovis longipes palaeo-aegyptiacus.

 Four-Winged Guardian has an upper stone slab declaring in three different languages that “I, Cyrus the Great, an Achaemenid”. It is believed that there were four of the Four-Winged Guardian bas-relief in the doorways of Cyrus palace in Pasargadae.

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 As explained above each element in the Four-Winged Guardian resembles one era or one kingdom around ancient Persia. Historians see this as a sign of respect Cyrus the great had to the world and the liberal kingdom he brought to his people.

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Ka’ba-ye Zartosht

 The application of the Ka'ba-ye Zartosht structure has always been controversial between archaeologists and researchers and various views and interpretations have been stated about its application; but what makes its interpretation even more difficult, is the existence of a similar structure in Pasargadae, which makes one evaluate every probability with its circumstances too and consider a similar interpretation for both.

Some archaeologists believe the structure to be used as a mausoleum, and some others like Roman Ghirshman and Schmidt have said that Ka'ba-ye Zartosht was a fire temple in which the holy fire was placed and it was used during religious ceremonies. Another group including Henry Rawlinson and Walter Henning believe that the structure was the treasury and the place for keeping religious documents and Avesta. A small group believes the structure to be the temple of Anahita the goddess of all waters and believes that the goddess's statue was kept in Ka'ba-ye Zartosht. Heleen Sancisi Weerdenburg believes the building to be a structure constructed by Darius for the coronation, and Shapur Shahbazi believes that Ka'ba-ye Zartosht was an Achaemenid mausoleum that was used as a site for the treasury of religious documents in the Sassanid era.

Behistun inscription (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

The largest inscription in the world and the first inscription in Persia is located in the Kermanshah province. Etched into the stone by Darrius the great it resembles how he became the king of Persia after Cambyses (son of Cyrus the great) and how he concurred Gautama. It is written in three different languages and has crucial importance to the Iranian and our history.

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  As you can see in the picture above, the king (believed to be Darius the great himself) is standing and two of his soldiers are standing in his back. The man in front of Darius on his knees is believed to be Gautama and the people behind him also on their knees and in chains are Gautama’s magi conspirators.